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Event Schedule and Format

About 3 days before the match, click HERE to see a spreadsheet with the draws and projected starting times. (Your computer may place this spreadsheet into a Downloads folder; if this happens, you must open it yourself with Excel).

Event Approx Times
Open Men's Singles **  8:45am - 2pm Saturday
Senior Men's Singles (ages 40+) **  8:45am - noon Saturday
Senior Men's Doubles (ages 40+)  Noon - 3pm Saturday
Senior Women' Doubles (ages 40+)  12:30 - 3pm Saturday
Senior Mixed Doubles(ages 40+)  3pm - 6pm Saturday
Senior Women's Singles  Sorry - not this year
Open Women's Singles  8:45am - 11:30am Sunday
Open Women's Doubles  11:30am - 2pm Sunday
Open Men's Doubles  8:45am - 2pm Sunday
Open Mixed Doubles  2pm - 7:30pm Sunday
** You cannot play in both Senior and Open Men's Singles

For individual starting times, refer to the "A" bracket in your event(s). You can find these brackets under the Results link for this year on the left (which will be built about 3 days before the tournament). Look under the picture of the prizes and click the appropriate event(s).

Each singles player or doubles team will play a minimum of 3 matches in an event.

All teams start in the A-draw. First round A losers move to the C-draw, second round A losers move to the B-draw. First round C losers move to the D-draw. You are out with any loss in your third match or later. Round-robins will be played for events with small numbers of players.

A-draws for Open events will be limited to the first 32 paid teams (based on date of receipt of payment with any ties going to the player that registered first), For seniors, it will be limited to the first 16 paid teams. Registration closes when these limits are reached, but there will be waiting lists. Normally there are several no-shows for each event, so if a player on the waiting list is in the gym, then they can fill an unexpected vacancy. If someone cancels at least a day before the tournament, an email will be sent to the first player/team on the waiting list to notify them that they are now in the main draw. Players on a waiting list that do not play will get a refund.

The "rally scoring" system will be used: if you win a rally, you get a point plus the serve; the game is to 21 points and win by at least 2 points; if the score 29-29, the next point wins - the match will be the best two out of three games.

Yonex AS-30 or better Feather Birds will be used.

Warm-up time is limited to 10 minutes for a player's initial match and 5 minutes for all subsequent matches due to tight scheduling time frames (we only have the gym until about 7pm each night). We try to keep the recovery time between matches to about 15-20 minutes.