Baltimore Badminton Charity Tournament Banner

$5,808.14 was raised for the Red Cross in 2017

    18% for the Chesapeake Region Emergency Fund
    47% for the International Response Fund
    35% for the National Disaster Relief Fund

$62,521 has been raised for the American Red Cross by the Charity Open between 2005-2017

YonexUSA provided the birds and prizes this year. They also allowed us to raffle a top-of-the-line racquet; it was won by Anton Handono. We deeply appreciate the sponsorship and generosity of YonexUSA.

Individual Match Starting Times and Results

The links below will become available when Starting Times are determined a few days before the Tournament.

Click on the event below to download a spreadsheet of the brackets. Click to Disable Macros. Switch between the A,B,C,D brackets by clicking the tab at the bottom left of the spreadsheet. (If the tabs do not appear in Excel 2007, then within the VIEW tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All and under Arrange, click "Tiled").

Here are the Brackets and Winners for 2017

Open Men's Doubles: Steven Page & Eric Truong

Open Men's Singles: Solomon Nyarko

Open Women's Doubles: Laura Soon & Mikaela Bayani

Open Women's Singles: Sherry Fan

Open Mixed Doubles: Laura & Eugene Soon

Senior Men's Singles: Krishna Edaklavan

Senior Men's Doubles: Krishna Edaklavan & Sandeep Kasat

Senior Women's Singles: Lesley Acheson

Senior Mixed Doubles: Anita Mittal & Krishna Edaklavan

Action photos and pictures of winners (click on any picture and then use your arrow keys to scroll through all of them.)


The 2017 Tournament was organized by Rick & Nancy Wiker.