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2014 Tournament Results

$5,914.62 was raised this year for the Red Cross!

$44,060 raised in total by the Charity Open!
Thanks everyone!!

In 2014:
Chesapeake Region Emergency Fund       20%
International Response Fund                     50%
National Disaster Relief Fund                    30%

Winners receive custom ball-caps along with YONEX strings or grips for all winners (hat design shown below, but in black).

Also, the Adult "A" winners will receive special trophies made by Rick:

Individual Match Starting Times and Results

become available a few days before the tournament

The links below will become available when Starting Times are determined a few days before the Tournament.
If the Internet is available at the tournament site, then results will be posted periodically while the event is in progress. In any case, results will be posted at the end of each day of play).

Click on the event below to download a spreadsheet of the brackets. Click to Disable Macros. Switch between the A,B,C,D brackets by clicking the tab at the bottom left of the spreadsheet. (If the tabs do not appear in Excel 2007, then within the VIEW tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All and under Arrange, click "Tiled").

Men's Doubles won by Liman Sutadi & Kok Kin Tung of New York City

Men's Singles won by Solomon Nyarko of Maryland

Women's Doubles won by Terry See & Janey Liang of New York City

Women's Singles won Sandy Sum Yee Chan of New York City

Mixed Doubles won by Gina Nguyen of Virginia & Sandeep Kasat of Maryland)

Senior (50+) Mixed Doubles won by Fuziah Ayub-O'Neill (MD) & Daryl Jones (PA)

Girls' Singles won by Amy Vuong of Maryland

Girls' Doubles won by Ivy Li & Jiexi Hu of Maryland

Boys' Singles won by Benson Sebastian of Maryland

Boys' Doubles won by Benson Sebastian & Jong Suk of Maryland

Pictures of most of this year's winners can be found at:

The 2014 Tournament was organized by Rick & Nancy Wiker.