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2012 Tournament Results

$6818.81 was raised for the Red Cross! Thanks everyone!!

Central MD Emergency Fund     14.7%    $1,004.07
International Response Fund      39.6%    $2,700.83
National Disaster Relief Fund     45.7%    $3,113.90

Tournament results are shown below

Here's a look at the gold-topped Glass America trophies for this years winners

Trophies for the "A", "B", "C" and "D" Winners
and the adult "A" Finalists

2012 Results

Click on the event below to download a spreadsheet of the brackets. Click to Disable Macros. Switch between the A,B,C,D brackets by clicking the tab at the bottom left of the spreadsheet. (If the tabs do not appear in Excel 2007, then within the VIEW tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All and under Arrange, click "Tiled").

Photos of the winners will be at bottom of this page.

Men's Doubles won by Eddie CHow/Nadeera Gunatileka over Sandeep Kasat/Alan Tieu

Men's Singles won by Asif Nisar over Ernest So

Women's Doubles won by Vicki Zheng/Mingzi Zhang over Junko Murai/Ikuko Mukai-Cheh

Women's Singles won by Tam Nguyen over Sandy Chan

Mixed Doubles won by Sandeep Kasat/Junko Murai over Asif Nisar/Sharon Pang

Girls' Singles won by Helen Gao (round robin)

Girls' Doubles won by Krystal Vuong/Mindy Cheng (round robin)

Boys' Singles won by CJ Ormita over Benson Sebastian

Boys' Doubles won by Hashem Choudry/Paul Lomuntud over CJ Ormita/Steve Iringan

Pictures of this year's winners being awarded their grips, string and trophies can be found at:

Ling Vance has also provided some action photos at: Picasa

The Tournament was organized this year by Rick & Nancy Wiker with Nick Wiker operating the computer, Thomas Plakkal recording scores and Nancy Wiker and Silver Chai handling the registration desk.