Baltimore Badminton 2007 Charity Tournament Banner

2007 Tournament Results

$2,681.42 was raised for the Red Cross!

Here's the report from the local paper, the Northeast Reporter

Tournament results are shown below

Here's a look at the Awards (purchased from Larry Beck Awards)

Gold-hued blocks with laser engraving for the "A" winners. Laser engraved medals for the "A" runners-up and the "B", "C" and "D" winners (8 trophy blocks and 32 medals total)!!

2007 Results

Click on the event below to download a spreadsheet of the brackets. Switch between the A,B,C,D brackets by clicking the tab at the bottom left of the spreadsheet. Photos of the winners are at bottom of this page.

Men's Doubles - Desmond Wong / Felix Wijaya

Men's Singles - Mike Foo

Women's Doubles - Emily Chang / Jeannie Yang

Women's Singles - Jeannie Yang

Mixed Doubles - Andrew Sailo / Shackerah Cupidon

This year's staff: Rick, Nancy & Nick Wiker, Elena Zhang, Christalyn Passion, Juliet Nunez

Christalyn & Nancy
Christalyn Passion & Nancy Wiker handled the registration and food flawlessly!

Juliet & Elena
Juliet Nunez & Elena Zhang made sure the courts were always in use!

Nick Wiker Nick Wiker handled the computerization - thanks Nick!

Rick Wiker (tournament director, shows up below)

This year's winners being awarded their meals and trophies (click picture for a larger image):

Tony, Elena & Ringo / Jason, Troc & Rick / Teddy & Simen

Andy, Nadeera, Felix, Desmond / with Rick & Elena / Pak & Young Park

Pei-Chi & Ray / Andy & Shackerah, Amy & Nadeera & Rick / Jackie & Eddie, Jason & Yike

Hui-Ling & Jeannie / Belinda & Rick / Connie & Rick

Emily / Lili, Wei, Jeannie, Emily / Rick, Yike, Elena, Hui-Ling

Pei-Chi & Emily / again / Sharon, Markie & Elena

Simen & Juliet / Hong Bing & Juliet / Richard & Juliet

Mike, Juliet & Nikesh